Many type of transparent surfaces need a slightly translucent tinge or component might need different kind of surface finish like CHARMILES etc. We have the capability to impart such types of finishes on the mould itself so that the component surface reflects the same.

Component Inception:

If you have an idea or a remote picture of the component required by you or if you know the various functions as required to be performed by the component but do not have a 2D drawing of the same, we will help you create the same from the knowledge that you have. Thus specific dimensions to the component can be obtained & the component can be designed. Thus the hazy clarity available to you can now be translated into a full grown component & can be tested for the various forces acting on it or the various surface finish can be imparted to it.

Mould Design:

Once the component dimensions are fixed, we go about designing the tool so as to understand the effect of the various aspects of injection moulding on it. Latest software availability at our end ensures that the turn around time for the component is minimum & the product can be brought in the market immediately.

Mould Making:

We have dedicated facility for mould making with all the necessary machines to make new moulds & maintain them satisfactorily for their life. It is our endeavour to ensure that the customer gets the value for money by choosing the mould materials judiciously so that the component properties are not compromised and at the same time unduly costly mould material is avoided. A deliberate attempt is made to use standard interchangeable mould parts as far as possible.

After Mould Operation:

We also provide the services of giving final product in the form of component assembly or printing on various plastic components or foiling etc. We thus are a one stop shop for all your injection moulding needs.